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From 良人 <>
Subject Data process for HICC
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 23:49:23 GMT
 HI :    I always would like to use  chukwa to analyze the hadoop of efficiency,but I  ran
into several problems.

    firstly,i set up chukwa strictly following the instruction .my hicc work normally and
can display graph if there are some data in mysql for instance: DFS Throughput Metrics,DFS
Data Node Metrics,Cluster Metrics by Percentage.
    but some field record in mysql were not in mysql and they can not display in hicc, for
example: DFS Name Node Metrics,DFS FS ,Name System Metrics,Map/Reduce Metircs,HDFS Heathmap(),Hadoop
Activity,Event viewer, Node Activity Graph.
  my configure:
 chukwa-hadoop-0.4.0-client.jar  have been in the hadoop’s lib and hadoop log4j.propertieswere in hadoop of conf,i have list
these documents in attachment.
  "System metrics collection may fail or be incomplete if your versions of sar and iostat
do not match the ones that Chukwa expects" this citation come from chukwa releasenotes, i
suspect  if my sysstat version of ubuntu is not match for chukwa, if so, what can i do for
  could anybody give me some suggestions, thank you very much,
  by the way do anybody know how to start hourlyRolling and dailyRoilling in 0.4.0 version
and "Error initializing ChukwaClient with list of currently registered adaptors, clearing
our local list of adaptors" in logs,how can i resolved it .

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