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From 良人 <>
Subject Re:Seeking a little advice
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 15:16:35 GMT

At 2010-08-25 03:39:11,"hdev ml" <> wrote:
HI all,

This question is related partly to hadoop and partly to chukwa.

We have huge number of logged information sitting in one machine. I am not sure whether the
storage is in multiple files or in a database.

But what we want to do is get that log information, transform it and store it into the some
database for data mining/ data warehousing/ reporting purposes.

1. Since it is on one machine, is Chukwa the right kind of frame work to do this ETL process?

2. I understand that generally Hadoop works on large files. But assuming that the data sits
in a database, what if we somehow partition data for Hadoop/Chukwa? Is that the right strategy?

Any help will be appreciated.


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