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From Stuti Awasthi <>
Subject Problem in Output file format in FinalArchives
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 04:58:19 GMT

Hello Guys,

I am a newbie to chukwa and I am trying to convert the chukwa sequence file produced by the
demuxer(<ChukwaRecordKey, ChukwaRecord>) file format  to avro format. Currently I am
using Chukwa 0.3.0

Could setup and run chukwa successfully on a ubuntu machine, the agent and collector were
started successfully and files were created in  finalArchives  folder.

The output format of the files in FinalArchives is of type <ChukwaArchiveKey and ChunkImpl>
but according to the chukwa document and my findings I think that files should be of format
<ChukwaRecordKey, ChukwaRecord>.

I used to start the dataprocessor and change the chukwa-demux-conf.xml
property to Stream.
<description>How to group archive files. Choices are Hourly, Daily, DataType, and Stream.</description>

  I looked into the source code of which takes <ChukwaArchiveKey and ChunkImpl>
(o/p of archiver) as input and gives <ChukwaRecordKey, ChukwaRecord> as output. But
I am not sure why it is not happening in my case.

I want to feed my final output to the MetricDataLoader class which takes <ChukwaRecordKey,
ChukwaRecord> as Input, Please let me know if I am missing something here.

What should be the correct behavior of this whole process. Any pointers regarding this would
be helpful

Thanks in advance,


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