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From Corbin Hoenes <>
Subject 0.3.0 config file
Date Sun, 02 May 2010 13:51:15 GMT
I'm reprocessing a bunch of data ~45 days ~70GB per day.  It's taking a there some
configuration that might help demux perform better when it's fed a lot of files?  I've noticed
sort takes a long time when it's got too many maps.  Can I lower the amount of maps, etc...?

I saw this in the config but noticed the TODO comments.  Anything here I should configure?

<!-- Chukwa Job parameters -->
	  <description>The total amount of buffer memory to use while sorting
	  files, in megabytes.  By default, gives each merge stream 1MB, which
	  should minimize seeks.</description>

	  <description>The size of the in-memory filsystem instance in MB</description>

	  <description>The number of streams to merge at once while sorting
	  files.  This determines the number of open file handles.</description>

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