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From Jerome Boulon <>
Subject Re: HttpTriggerAction - configuring N objects
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 23:50:12 GMT
You can have a root configuration key that will give the list of keys to
look for:
Or you can look for the existence of http.N key in the configuration object.

<property >
<value>http.1, http.2, ..., http.x</value>

Can you clarify what the eventName is?


On 4/21/10 3:31 PM, "Bill Graham" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> As a follow up to CHUKWA-477, I'm writing a class called HttpTriggerAction
> that can hit one or more URLs upon successful completion of a demux job. I'd
> like to contribute it back unless anyone objects. Anyway, I'm looking for
> feedback though on how to configure this object.
> The issue is that since the class can hit N urls, it needs N sets of key-value
> configurations. The hadoop configurations model is just name-value pairs
> though, so I'm kicking around ideas around the best way to handle this.
> Specifically, I need to configure values for url, an optional HTTP method
> (default is GET), an optional collection of HTTP headers and an optional post
> body. I was thinking of just making a convention where key values could be
> incremented like below, but wanted to see if there were better suggestions out
> there. 
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.1.url=
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.1.headers=User-Agent:chukwa
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.2.url=
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.2.method=POST
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.2.headers=User-Agent:chukwa,Accepts:tex
> t/plain
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.2.body=Some post body to submit
> ....
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.N.url=
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.N.method=
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.N.headers=
> chukwa.trigger.action.[eventName].http.N.body=
> Since the action could potentially be used by other types of events, the event
> name should be included. This implies that we should add an eventName field to
> the TriggerAction.execute method in CHUKWA-477.
> Thoughts?
> thanks,
> Bill

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