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From Kirk True <>
Subject Re: Disk space sizing for HDFS/Chukwa
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 22:01:05 GMT
Hi all,

The phrase I was looking for was "conversion rate" in the original email.

I'm assuming that the MySQL data footprint will be much smaller as we're 
rolling up the data and thus N HDFS entries roll up into M MySQL entries 
where N is greater than M by an order or magnitude or more.


Kirk True wrote:
> Hi all,
> It's my understanding (based on the image in 
> that the 
> structured data lives in HDFS forever.
> When data is migrated from HDFS to MySQL for use in HICC, how does the 
> MySQL disk usage compare to the HDFS disk usage? That is, if I'm using 
> 10 TB of data to store my data in HDFS, what will it be when it moves 
> over to HDFS? Is it 2x, 10x, or ???
> I'm getting requests for disk size estimates from the IT guys handling 
> our staging area and I'm not really sure how to gauge disk usage for 
> MySQL.
> Thanks,
> Kirk

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