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From Ellen Strnod <>
Subject Chunk sequence IDs other than byte counts?
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 01:43:50 GMT
I am a new user, contemplating using Chukwa with data which will be  
read from a JMS queue.  I expect to write an adapter which will read  
from the queue and create text records which will be chunked and sent  
to the collector.  My question - does anyone know if the chunk  
sequence ID, which the Chukwa architecture document says is the  
number of bytes the adapter has sent, could be any other repeatable  
sequential number, or does it have to be a byte count?  (To return to  
this number is a little problematic in case of a restart,  but the  
records coming off the queue have id's which I would like to use.)

I was also looking for a streaming adapter implementation and ran  
across this in Jira:  
- it seems that this adapter may have the same problem (maybe even  
more so, since it is intended to read from a stream rather than a  
queue) so maybe someone in the project has already given this some  

Thanks in advance,

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