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From Sagar <>
Subject Chukwa setup question
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 01:30:34 GMT
I m trying to install the new chuwa release 

I am bit confused:
 I tried to compile this with hadoop-18 jars. It wont. so I tried with 
hadoop-20 and it did
So I assumed we need hadoop-20. I did the setup hadoop-20 setup

Now, as I go thru admin.pdf (in tar)

It says , link to (which is in hadoop-18 and not in 
so my question is :
 - wht version of hadoop do we need  ?
 - if we need 20, do we need hdfs-site.xml / mapred-site.xml 
/core-site.xml ?
   or as hack, cat all 3 files into conf/hadoop-site.xml ? or need all 
of them

I m on ubuntu
I dont have /etc/init.d/fuctions in either path. As a result, I cant 
start anything, Can u suggest a hack or simple start commands


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