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From Patricia Gorla <>
Subject Re: Node bootstrap
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 23:23:40 GMT

What exactly are you seeing in the logs? Are you running major compactions
on the new bootstrapping node?

With respect to the seed list, it is generally advisable to use 3 seed
nodes per AZ / DC.


On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Ruchir Jha <> wrote:

> I am trying to bootstrap the thirteenth node in a 12 node cluster where
> the average data size per node is about 2.1 TB. The bootstrap streaming has
> been going on for 2 days now, and the disk size on the new node is already
> above 4 TB and still going. Is this because the new node is running major
> compactions while the streaming is going on?
> One thing that I noticed that seemed off was the seeds property in the
> yaml of the 13th node comprises of 1..12. Where as the seeds property on
> the existing 12 nodes consists of all the other nodes except the thirteenth
> node. Is this an issue?
> Any other insight is appreciated?
> Ruchir.

Patricia Gorla

Apache Cassandra Consulting <>

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