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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Re: Reasonable range for the max number of tables?
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 20:35:51 GMT
> This means I can do things like easily drop older tables if I run out of
>> disk space.  It also means that I can fadvise the most recent tables and
>> force them into table cache.
> If you have to use fadvise to do this, you are almost certainly Doing It
> Wrong.

possibly.. fincore is also useful.  This way you can see the cache % of
each file… if I'm doing something funky the older files should not be in
cache at all.

and fadvise dontneed is your friend too.

>> But what's the max number of tables?  If I'm doing hourly tables and have
>> 30 days of them this would be 720 individual tables.
> Probably pushing it.
What are the bottlenecks here ?  Is this an HDD issue because we're running
them on SSD.  I agree that that would be significant on HDD ...


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