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From Phil Luckhurst <>
Subject Re: Reasonable range for the max number of tables?
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 11:36:18 GMT
Hi Mark,

Mark Reddy wrote
> To segregate customer data, you could:
> - Use customer specific column families under a single keyspace
> - Use a keyspace per customer

These effectively amount to the same thing and they both fall foul to the
limit in the number of column families so do not scale.

Mark Reddy wrote
> - Use the same column families and have a column that identifies the
> customer. On the application layer ensure that there are sufficient checks
> so one customer can't read another customers data

And while this gets around the column family limit it does not allow the
same level of data segregation. For example with a separate keyspace or
column families it is trivial to remove a single customer's data or move
that data to another system. With one set of column families for all
customers these types of actions become much more difficult as any change
impacts all customers but perhaps that's the price we have to pay to scale.

And I still think this needs to be made more prominent in the documentation.


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