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From Yatong Zhang <>
Subject Is there a way to stop cassandra compacting some large sstables?
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 05:26:04 GMT

I changed compaction strategy from 'size tiered' to 'leveled' but after
running a few days C* still tries to compacting some old large sstables,

1. I have 6 disks per node and 6 data directories per disk
2. There are some old huge sstables generated when using 'sized tiered'
compaction stragegy, about 1.3T / sstable.
3. C* is always trying to compact about 3-4 huge sstables, and result in a
very huge tmp file which occupied all the disk space and make C* throw an
exception with "no space left on device" and then stopped.
4. Current compaction strategy is already 'leveled', but I don't know why
C* still tries to compact these huge old sstables.

So my questions:

1. Is there a way to stop C* compacting these old huge sstables?
2. Is there a way to convert these old huge sstables into small 'leveled'
ones? I tried 'sstablesplit' but always got an error with java EOF


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