More details would be helpful (exact schema),  method of inserting data, etc)  but you can try just doing dropping the indices and recreate them after the import is finished.


On Apr 7, 2014 8:53 AM, "Fasika Daksa" <> wrote:

We are running different workload test on Cassandra and Redis for benchmarking. We wrote a java client to read, write and evaluate the elapsed time of different test cases. Cassandra was doing great until we introduced 20’000 number of cols...... the insertion is running for a day and then i stopped it.

First I create the table, index all the columns then insert the data. I looked in to the process and the part it is taking too long is the indexing part. We need to index all the columns because we use all or part of the columns depending on the query generator.

Can you see a potential solution for my case? Is there any way to optimize the indexing?….or generally the insertion? I also tried indexing after insertion but it is all the same.

we are running this experiment on a single machine with 196GB of ram ... 1.6 TB of disk space and 8core CPU...

cqlsh 4.1.0 | Cassandra 2.0.3