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From James Campbell <>
Subject BulkOutputFormat and CQL3
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2014 13:43:48 GMT
Hi Cassandra Users-

I have a Hadoop job that uses the pattern in Cassandra 2.0.6's hadoop_cql3_word_count example
to load data from HDFS into Cassandra.  Having read about BulkOutputFormat as a way to potentially
significantly increase the write throughput from Hadoop to Cassandra, I am considering testing
against that pattern (,

Is it possible/supported/recommended to use the BulkOutputFormat to load data from Hadoop
to a CQL3 table in Cassandra?

I see several examples of building composite keys using Hector (e.g., ), but
with the changes to support CQL3 having left a lot of different documentation out there for
different versions, it's not clear to me what the "proper" way to build the requisite ByteBuffer,
List<Mutation> pairs that the ColumnFamilyOutputFormat (and so BulkOutputFormat) needs.


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