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From Parag Patel <>
Subject RE: Commitlog questions
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2014 19:11:47 GMT

Thanks for the response.  If the commitlog is in periodic mode and the fsync happens every
10 seconds, Cassandra is storing the stuff that needs to be sync'd somewhere for a period
of 10 seconds.  I'm talking about before it even hits any disk.  This has to be in memory,


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From: Oleg Dulin [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2014 10:42 AM
Subject: Re: Commitlog questions


To answer your questions:

1) Default is just that, a default. I wouldn't advise raising it though. The bigger it is
the longer it takes to restart the node.
2) I think they juse use fsync. There is no queue. All files in cassandra use java.nio buffers,
but they need to be fsynced periodically. Look at commitlog_sync parameters in cassandra.yaml
file, the comments there explain how it works. I believe the difference between periodic and
batch is just that -- if it is periodic, it will fsync every 10 seconds, if it is batch it
will fsync if there were any changes within a time window.

On 2014-04-09 10:06:52 +0000, Parag Patel said:

>>>>> 1)      Why is the default 4GB?  Has anyone changed this? What
>>>>> some aspects to consider when determining the commitlog size?
>>>>> 2)      If the commitlog is in periodic mode, there is a property

>>>>> to set a time interval to flush the incoming mutations to disk.  
>>>>> This implies that there is a queue inside Cassandra to hold this 
>>>>> data in memory until it is flushed.
>>>>>>>>> a.       Is there a name for this queue?
>>>>>>>>> b.      Is there a limit for this queue?
>>>>>>>>> c.       Are there any tuning parameters for this
> Thanks,
> Parag

Oleg Dulin

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