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From Manoj Khangaonkar <>
Subject Re: Cassandra cpp driver call to local cassandra colo
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 16:20:34 GMT
Hi ,

Your client/application will connect to one of the nodes from the nodes you
tell it to connect. In the java driver this is done by calling
Cluster.builder.addContactPoint(...). I suppose the C++ driver will have
similar class method. For the app in DC1 provide only nodes in DC1 as
contact points.


On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:47 AM, Check Peck <> wrote:

> I have couple of question on Datastax C++ driver.
> We have 36 nodes Cassandra cluster. 12 nodes in DC1, 12 nodes in DC2, 12
> nodes in DC3 datacenters.
> And our application code is also in three datacenters- 11 node in DC1, 11
> node in DC2, 11 node in DC3 datacenter.
> So my question is if the application call is coming from DC1 datacenter,
> then will it go to DC1 Cassandra nodes automatically with the use of cpp
> driver? And same with DC2 and DC3?
> Or we need to add some config changes in our C++ code while making
> connection to cassandra which will then make sure if the call is coming
> from DC1 datacenter then it will go to DC1 Cassandra nodes?
> If there is any config change which we need to add in our C++ code, then
> can you please point me to that?


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