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From Drew from Zhrodague <>
Subject Re: Opscenter help?
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 18:52:01 GMT
	I have to reply to myself, since there were no helpful responses. 
Perhaps these notes can help other people from pulling their hair out.

	When installing the datastax-agent on EL6, it is required to do a bunch 
of things to correct a bunch of stuff.

	[] yum install mx4j log4j datastax-agent - do not install 
opscenter-agent, this is a stale/old package it seems. Ignore log4j 
errors on starting the agent. You may have to download the 
datastax-agent and force an install via rpm - it will conflict with 
sudo, because of the existance of the dir, /etc/sudo.d/
	[] You may have to fix the UID/GIDs. Older packages set the cassandra 
UID/GID both to 217. Installing the agent conveniently mutilated them 
for us. I had to change the datastax-agent UID and GID back to 215, 
cassnandra UID/GID back to 217, and re-chown these directories:
		() /var/log/cassandra
		() /var/lib/cassandra
		() /var/run/cassandra
		() /var/log/datastax-agent
		() /var/lib/datastax-agent
		() /var/run/datastax-agent
	[] If you can't get datastax-agent to install via opscenter 
automatically, you'll need to configure it manually:
		() yum install datastax-agent
		() mkdir -p /var/lib/datastax-agent/conf/
		() echo "stomp_interface:" >> 
	[] restart the datastax-agent, and it should now work.

	Cassandra Upgrading notes:

	[] We upgraded packages from apache-cassandra11 to cassandra12 - the 
new RPM is not configured as a replacement for the old one.
	[] Check your directory permissions as above, and in your data-storage dir.
	[] If you use a symlink or mount point to store your actual data on, it 
will be overwritten with an empty directory. Make sure to fix this, or 
you'll be in for a surprise.
	[] Make sure to install Sun Java - we use alternatives --config java, 
but have to do this to set the default JAVA_HOME: echo "export 
JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_51" >> /etc/profile.d/

	I wasn't able to properly tag my questions on StackExchange, which 
required me to have a reputation value above 300. I dunno why it brought 
up that red box stating that I needed to have over 300 points to add a 
new tag, those tags seem to be in there today.

On 3/12/14, 2:51 PM, Drew from Zhrodague wrote:
>      I am having a hard time installing the Datastax Opscenter agents on
> EL6 and EL5 hosts. Where is an appropriate place to ask for help?
> Datastax has move their forums to Stack Exchange, which seems to be a
> waste of time, as I don't have enough reputation points to properly tag
> my questions.
>      The agent installation seems to be broken:
>      [] agent rpm conflicts with sudo
>      [] install from opscenter does not work, even if manually
> installing the rpm (requres --force, conflicts with sudo)
>      [] error message re: log4j #noconf
>      [] Could not find the main class: opsagent.opsagent. Program will
> exit.
>      [] No other (helpful/more in-depth) documentation exists


Drew from Zhrodague
post-apocalyptic ad-hoc industrialist

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