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From Michael Shuler <>
Subject Re: Cassandra cpp driver call to local cassandra colo
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2014 21:50:50 GMT
On 03/04/2014 12:28 PM, Check Peck wrote:
> I guess you are not right.. Cluster.builder.addContactPoint(...) will
> add nodes in the connection pool.. And it will discover all the other
> nodes in the connection pool automatically.. To filter out nodes only
> for local colo we need to use to different settings in Java driver..

In both the python and java drivers, I found DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy 
which appears to have the functionality you are looking for.

> There should be similar stuff in cpp driver as well..

I'm sure it's on the roadmap, if it is not in there already - I may just 
not be finding a datacenter aware policy in the source.  The C++ driver 
is under heavy development and is not as featured as the python and java 
drivers, yet, so you may want to consider one of the other drivers if 
you have an immediate need.  I'm sure they would enjoy getting a patch 
for a dc aware policy or at least a feature request for this, if you 
have the time to hit up JIRA -

Kind regards,

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