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From Keith Wright <>
Subject Compaction does not remove tombstones if column has higher TTL
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2014 16:44:55 GMT
FYI – I recently filed and wanted to
let everyone know the result as it was not what I expected.   I am using C* 1.2.12 and found
that my droppable tombstone ratio kept increasing on an LCS table (currently > .3).  Documentation
states that compactions should be triggered when that gets above .2 to help cleanup tombstones
and in my case compactions are definitely not running behind.

I am setting different TTLs on different columns (this capability was one of the things I
love about Cassandra) and the result of the ticket is that only columns whose write time is
less than now + the MAX TTL of columns within the row will NOT be removed.  In my case, I
was setting some columns to 6 months and others to 7 days so this meant that the 7 day data
will in fact NOT be removed until 6 months!  This results in MUCH wider rows than I expected.

It appears that this was likely fixed in 2.1 but obviously people will not be deploying that
to production anytime soon.  It appears that I will just have to no longer set the 6 month
TTL and instead leave it as forever to ensure that the smaller TTLs are respected.  This is
an acceptable tradeoff for me since the 7 day columns are the ones that get much larger (against
a map column type).

So be warned, mixing TTLs in a row does not appear to result in the data being compacted away.


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