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From user 01 <>
Subject Re: Disabling opscenter data collection in Datastax community 2.0
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2014 04:20:19 GMT
I would be using nodetool & JConsole for monitoring. Though it would
be less informative but I think it will do. Otherwise also I cannot
use Opscenter as I am not using the DSE but DSC, in production. So I
am not allowed to use it for prod. use, Isn't it ? Not everyone here
as well is using DSE hence Opscenter is not used in every Cassandra
production installation.

I installed Dsc20 using apt-get after adding datastax repository as
suggested in the datastax's Cassandra 2.0 docs. I found that Opscenter
keyspace was created by default when I installed dsc20, & it would
make no sense that it writes data which is unused in case I don't use

On 2/22/14, Michael Shuler <> wrote:
> On 02/22/2014 06:12 AM, user 01 wrote:
>> I'm using dsc20 (datastax community edition for cassandra 2.0) in
>> production environment. But since I am not authorized to use Opscenter
>> for production use. So how do I disable the data recording that is being
>> done for opscenter consumption, as this is just a unusable for me & will
>> put unnecessary load on my machine ?
> The agent is lightweight.  How are you planning to monitor your
> production env?
> You didn't hint at how you installed DSC/OpsCenter, but stop the agents,
> uninstall the agents, and drop the keyspace.  The details of those steps
> depend on how you installed (rpm, deb, tar).
> Those docs might be helpful.  Let us know how you installed DSC, if you
> need some better details.
> --
> Kind regards,
> Michael

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