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From Wayne Schroeder <>
Subject Caching prepared queries and different consistency levels
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2014 18:18:29 GMT
After upgrading to the 2.0 driver branch, I received a lot of warnings about re-preparing previously
prepared statements.  I read about this issue, and my work around was to cache my prepared
statements in a Map<String, PreparedStatement> internally in my app via a common prepare
method, where the string key was the CQL query itself.  This has been working perfectly, but
I realized today that the consistency level I was setting on BoundStatement is actually inherited
from Statement.  Now, while it is obviously not the same object instance (the BoundStatement
vs the cached PreparedStatement), I was concerned that I was inadvertently changing the consistency
level of the cached PreparedStatement in a non thread safe fashion.  My impression had been
that the BoundStatement, even though created against a cached/shared PreparedStatement, was
mine to do with what I pleased exclusively in my thread context.  Is this a correct/incorrect

I guess what it boils down to is the following:   Are the consistency level in the PreparedStatement
and BoundStatement linked when the BoundStatement is created so that modifying the consistency
level of the BoundStatement modifies the underlying PreparedStatement?

What I am hoping is the case is that the PreparedStatement's consistency level is just used
to initialize the BoundStatement and that the BoundStatement's consistency level is then used
when executing the query.


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