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From Donald Smith <>
Subject Warning about copying and pasting from datastax configuration page: weird characters in config
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2014 22:50:59 GMT
 it says:

Packaged installs: Ensure that the following settings are included in the /etc/security/limits.d/cassandra.conf
cassandra - memlock unlimited
cassandra - nofile 100000
cassandra - nproc 32768
cassandra - as unlimited

But when I copy and paste those four lines to linux, it inserts periods  in the first two
lines so it looks like this:
cassandra - memlock.unlimited
cassandra - nofile.100000
cassandra - nproc 32768
cassandra - as unlimited

This happens for both firefox and chrome.  And it happened for my coworker too (though for
him the spaces after “memlock” and “nofile” were deleted).    If I paste to windows
it doesn’t happen.

Using firebug, I found the HTML source:

<pre class="pre">cassandra‌·-‌·memlock&ensp;unlimited‌¶cassandra‌·-‌·nofile&ensp;100000‌¶cassandra‌·-‌·nproc‌·32768‌¶cassandra‌·-‌·as‌·unlimited‌¶</pre>

The HTML on that page
seems fragile.

According to

<!ENTITY ensp    CDATA "&#8194;" -- en space, U+2002 ISOpub -->

There were other specious characters included in some config I pasted from there, and that
caused headaches. Specifically, earlier I saw:

cassandraâ- memlock unlimited
cassandraâ- nofile 100000
cassandra - nproc 32768
cassandra - as unlimited

(with the weird â chars added).


Donald A. Smith | Senior Software Engineer
P: 425.201.3900 x 3866
C: (206) 819-5965
F: (646) 443-2333<>


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