I have requirement to setup multiple nodes to the existing single node Cassandra cluster. I am new to Cassandra and I don’t have idea whether do I need to setup multiple nodes in a single machine by copying Cassandra configuration or do I require separate physical machines to create multiple nodes.


But I have tried doing it in a single machine by following below steps.

1.       Download apache Cassandra

2.       Unzip Cassandra file

3.       Go inside /Cassandra folder

4.       Make 2 copies of /conf folder named as /conf2,/conf3(in case of 3 nodes)

5.       Go inside conf folder and edit cassandra.yaml

·         Name of the cluster

·         Specify seed node

·         Change listening address

·         Change rpc_address

·         Change locations of data_file, commitlog and saved_caches

6.       Go to Cassandra-env.sh under /conf and change JMX_PORT

7.       Go to log4j-server.properties under /conf folder and modify property log4j.appender.R.File address if needed.

8.       Make 2 copies of Cassandra.in.sh under /bin folder and edit CASSANDRA_HOME.

9.       Make copies of Cassandra under /bin folder. Specify which config folder it has to use.

10.   Create aliases to localhost using below command

Sudo ifconfig lo0 alias up


I have followed all the above steps but when I am trying to do step 10, it gives following error

Please could you provide some inputs.


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