JMX is doing it's thing on the cassandra node and is running on port 8081
Have you set the JMX port for the cluster in Ops Centre ? The default JMX port has been 7199 for a while.

Off the top of the my head itís in the same area where you specify the initial nodes in the cluster, maybe behind an ďAdvancedĒ button. 

The Ops Centre agent talks to the server to find out what JMX port it should use to talk to the local Cassandra install. 

Also check the logs in /var/log/datastax 


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On 30/12/2013, at 2:21 am, Tim Dunphy <> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm attempting to configure datastax agent so that opscenter can monitor cassandra. I am running cassandra 2.0.3 and opscenter-4.0.1-2.noarch running. Cassandra is running on a centos 5.9 host and the opscenter host is running on centos 6.5

A ps shows the agent running

[root@beta:~] #ps -ef | grep datastax | grep -v grep
root      2166     1  0 03:31 ?        00:00:00 /bin/bash /usr/share/datastax-agent/bin/datastax_agent_monitor
106       2187     1  0 03:31 ?        00:01:37 /etc/alternatives/javahome/bin/java -Xmx40M -Xms40M -Dagent-pidfile=/var/run/datastax-agent/ -Dlog4j.configuration=/etc/datastax-agent/ -jar datastax-agent-4.0.2-standalone.jar /var/lib/datastax-agent/conf/address.yaml

And the service itself claims that it is running:

[root@beta:~] #service datastax-agent status
datastax-agent (pid  2187) is running...

On the cassandra node I have ports 61620 and 61621 open on the firewall.

But if I do an lsof and look for those ports I see no activity there.

[root@beta:~] #lsof -i :61620
[root@beta:~] #lsof -i :61621

And a netstat turns up nothing either:
[root@beta:~] #netstat -tapn | egrep "(datastax|ops)"

So I guess it should come as no surprise that the opscenter interface reports the node as down.

And trying to reinstall the agent remotely by clicking the 'fix' link errors out:

g is null

If you need to make changes, you can press "Retry" and the installations will be retried.

And also I got on another attempt:

"Cannot call method 'getRequstStatus' of null.

I'm really wondering why I'm doing wrong here, and how I can work my way out of this quagmire. It would be beyond awesome to actually get this working!

I've also attempted to get Cassandra Cluster Admin working. JMX is doing it's thing on the cassandra node and is running on port 8081. CCA is running on the same host as the opscenter.

But cca gives me this error once I log in:

Cassandra Cluster Admin

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'TTransportException' with message 'TSocket: timed out reading 4 bytes from' in /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/transport/TSocket.php:268 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/transport/TTransport.php(87): TSocket->read(4) #1 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/transport/TFramedTransport.php(135): TTransport->readAll(4) #2 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/transport/TFramedTransport.php(102): TFramedTransport->readFrame() #3 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/transport/TTransport.php(87): TFramedTransport->read(4) #4 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/protocol/TBinaryProtocol.php(300): TTransport->readAll(4) #5 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/protocol/TBinaryProtocol.php(192): TBinaryProtocol->readI32(NULL) #6 /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/packages/cassandra/cassandra.Cassandra.client.php(1017): TBinaryProtocol->readMessageBegin(NULL, 0, 0) # in /var/www/Cassandra-Cluster-Admin/include/thrift/transport/TSocket.php on line 268

Any advice I could get on my CCA problem and /or my Opcenter problem would be great and appreciated.


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