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From Arun Kumar K <>
Subject Opscenter's Meaning of 'Requests'
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2013 11:38:36 GMT
Hi Guys,

I have started understanding Cassandra and am working with it recently.

I have created two Column Families. For CF1, a write is an insert into a
unique row with all column values. Eg:

      Key Col1  Col2   Col3
      k1  c11   c12   c13
      k2  c21   c22   c23

For CF2. a write is an insert into a time stamped column of a row. Eg:

     Key  timeCol1  timeCol2
     k1   ct11
     k1              ct12
     k2    ct21
     k2               ct22

I am using YCSB and using thrift based *client.batch_mutate()* call. For
CF1, i send all column vals for a row through the call. For CF2, i send the
new column vals for a row.

Now say opscenter reports the "write requests" as say 1000 *operations*/sec
when a record count is say 10000 records.

OpsCenter API docs say 'Write Requests" as "requests per second".

What does an operation/request mean from opscenter perspective? Does it
mean unique row inserts across all column families ? Does it mean count of
each mutations for a row ?

How does opscenter identify a unique operation/request ? Is it related or
dependent on the row count or mutation count of batch_mutate() call ?

>From application perspective an operation means differently for both column

Can some one guide me ?



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