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From Alexander Shutyaev <>
Subject MUTATION messages dropped
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 12:12:13 GMT
Hi all!

We've had a problem with cassandra recently. We had 2 one-minute periods
when we got a lot of timeouts on the client side (the only timeouts during
9 days we are using cassandra in production). In the logs we've found
corresponding messages saying something about MUTATION messages dropped.

Now, the official faq [1] says that this is an indicator that the load is
too high. We've checked our monitoring and found out that 1-minute average
cpu load had a local peak at the time of the problem, but it was like 0.8
against 0.2 usual which I guess is nothing for a 2 core virtual machine.
We've also checked java threads - there was no peak there and their count
was reasonable ~240-250.

Can anyone give us a hint - what should we monitor to see this "high load"
and what should we tune to make it acceptable?

Thanks in advance,


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