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From Brian Tarbox <>
Subject changing several things (almost) at once; is this the right order to make the changes?
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 21:08:15 GMT
We're making several changes and I'd to confirm that our order of making
them is reasonable.  Right now we have 4 node system at replicationFactor=2
running 1.1.6.

We've moving to a 6 node system at rf=3 running 1.2.12 (I guess).

We think the order should be:
1) change to rf=3 and run repair on all nodes while still at 1.1.6
2) upgrade to 1.1.10 (latest on that branch?)
3) upgrade to 1.2.12 (latest on that branch?)
4) run the convert-to-v_Node command
5) add two more servers

Is that reasonable?  Thanks.  We run in ec2 and I'm planning on testing it
all on a new set of servers just in case but figured I'd ask the experts
first in case I'm doing something foolish.


Brian Tarbox

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