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From Julien Campan <>
Subject Re: Updates is not happening when using the same time stamp.
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 10:49:36 GMT

The internal timestamp is used when you try to read a row. Cassandra checks
 all the versions  of the same row and returns the one with the most recent
timestamp.  If you make many writes (updates) of the same row with the same
timestamp and then read it, Cassandra is not going to be able to choose
between them.

In the code, for this case, they add something that returns the first
result from the lexical-order.

I think that doing many updates with same timestamp is not a good pattern
with Cassandra and you should try to find another way to perform yours


2013/12/2 srinivas rao <>

>  Hi Team,
>> i am facing an issue, with updating the data with same time stamp.
>> The column values with string type which multiple fields are delimited
>> with "|", example (1|2|3|4|5|6|).
>> if i chage one of the field, some times its updating properly with same
>> time stamp (column internal clock). however some times its not updating
>> with same time stamp.
>> The updates are not happening continuously,
>> please help me to solve the issue.
>> please help me to understand the logic also.
>> Thanks
>> Srini

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