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From Andrew Cooper <>
Subject Migrate data to new cluster using datacenters?
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 17:29:39 GMT

We are in the process of isolating multiple applications currently running in one large cassandra
cluster to individual smaller clusters.  Each application runs in its own keyspace.  In order
to reduce/eliminate downtime for a migration, I was curious if anyone had attempted the following
process to migrate data to a new cluster:

1) Add new cluster nodes as a new datacenter to existing cluster
2) Set RF for specific keyspace to non-zero for new cluster, use nodetool rebuild on new nodes
to stream data
3) Change application node connections to point to new cluster
4) Set RF to 0 for original cluster (stop new writes from going to original cluster)
5) Break connection between nodes so new nodes become a standalone cluster???  <-  Is this
possible? what would be the high level steps?

If this is an extremely bad or misinformed idea, I would like to know that as well!  

I am aware of other tools available including sstableloader, etc, but this seemed like a more
elegant solution, leveraging cassandra's active-active features.


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