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From onlinespending <>
Subject user / password authentication advice
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 03:31:22 GMT

I’m using Cassandra in an environment where many users can login to use an application I’m
developing. I’m curious if anyone has any advice or links to documentation / blogs where
it discusses common implementations or best practices for user and password authentication.
My cursory search online didn’t bring much up on the subject. I suppose the information
needn’t even be specific to Cassandra.

I imagine a few basic steps will be as follows:

user types in username (e.g. email address) and password
this is verified against a table storing username and passwords (encrypted in some way)
a token is return to the app / web browser to allow further transactions using secure token
(e.g. cookie)

Obviously I’m only scratching the surface and it’s the detail and best practices of implementing
this user / password authentication that I’m curious about.

Thank you,

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