If itís just a test system nuke it and try again :)

Was there more than one node at any time ? Does nodetool status show only one node ? 

Aaron Morton
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On 21/11/2013, at 7:45 am, Robert Wille <rwille@fold3.com> wrote:

I've got a single node with all empty tables, and truncate fails with the following error: Unable to complete request: one or more nodes were unavailable.

Everything else seems fine. I can insert, update, delete, etc.

The only thing in the logs that looks relevant is this:

INFO [HANDSHAKE-/] 2013-11-20 11:36:59,064 OutboundTcpConnection.java (line 386) Handshaking version with /
INFO [HANDSHAKE-/] 2013-11-20 11:37:04,064 OutboundTcpConnection.java (line 395) Cannot handshake version with /

I'm running Cassandra 2.0.2. I get the same error in cqlsh as I do with the java driver.