Hello folks,

I have a couple of questions regarding deletion of columns from Cassandra using thrift.
I am trying to remove a column using the thrift API call - remove() defined as below.

void remove(1:required binary key,
              2:required ColumnPath column_path,
              3:required i64 timestamp,
              4:ConsistencyLevel consistency_level=ConsistencyLevel.ONE)
       throws (1:InvalidRequestException ire, 2:UnavailableException ue, 3:TimedOutException te),

I provide the timestamp as the current time and consistency_level=ConsistencyLevel.ALL.

My questions wrt this are:
1. Is there a log where I can check whether the remove command registered successfully with the Cassandra nodes?
(In my case, the thrift call was successfully executed but my queries still show data in the deleted column. I don't see logs in the system.log. )

2. Given that consistency_level=ConsistencyLevel.ALL, how much time does cassandra take to commit the delete and cassandra client to get updated data?