I am newbie to the  Cassandra world. I am currently using Cassandra 2.0.0 with thrift 0.8.0 for storing netflow packets using libQtCassandra library. Currently, I am generating about 1000 netflows/sec and store\ing them into the database. The program is crashing with the an exception on the lines of--- "what() :frame size reads negative value". I re ran the program a few times with same exception after running for a few seconds. But, after few times a new default TException occured and Cassandra is now failing to even to startup. When I try kill and start it up again, the exception says--" exception encountered during startup: unfinished compactions reference missing sstables.This should never happen since compactions are marked finished before we start removing the old sstables".
                                     Is this a known issue because it did not occur when we were using Cassandra-1.2.6 and previous versions with pycassa library for accessing the database. I am just running a single cassandra node with default settings. How can I avoid this exception and also is there any way in which I can get back my node to running state even if it means reinstalling cassandra???  Thank You in advance for any help.