Iím working on an distributed analytics service that originally uses Storm as an RPC. I thought since Cassandra is already distributed, I may not have to use another RPC system to write data to Cassandra.†
There are plenty of great ideas in Triggers issue page (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-1311) but I donít know the current status of implementation.

What I need is a async post-hook trigger attached to the main Keyspace that holds the raw data. The trigger will read the data and it will update the appropriate counters on another Keyspace. The important thing is that Cassandra must assure that it runs the Trigger exactly one time per row.†

I couldnít find any benchmark or use cases of Cassandra Triggers, do you think that itís a good idea to use Cassandra Triggers instead of Storm to keep the project simple?