Hey guys, just started to learn Cassandra recently, got a simple (hopefully) question on querying.

There's a table with composite primary key - mdid and bucket_id. So I assume mdid is going to be a partition key and bucket_id is a clustering key. There're also two more columns to hold a text and a map. See http://pastie.org/private/fcygmm891hgg4ugyjhtjg for a full picture.

So, I am basically going to have a big row with may buckets. In my application I am going to retrieve a subset of buckets, not all of them at once, so I do this:

select .... where mdid='1' and bucket_id in ('global_props', 'test_bucket')

But that gives the error in the subject.

There's pretty interesting thing is that if I query for text column then the query works, while does not work for the map column. Check the two queries at the bottom http://pastie.org/private/fcygmm891hgg4ugyjhtjg please.

Should this be modelled in a different way in Cassandra? Could you please advice?