We ran repair -pr on each node after we realized there was data loss and we added the 4 original nodes back in the cluster.  I.e. we ran repair on the 8 node cluster that consisted of the 4 old and 4 new nodes, once we realized there was a problem.

We are using quorum reads and writes.

One thing that I didn't mention, and I think may be the culprit after doing a lot or mailing list reading, is that when we brought the 4 new nodes into the cluster, they had themselves listed in the seeds list.  I read yesterday that if a node has itself in the seeds list, then it won't bootstrap properly.

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On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 8:14 AM, Janne Jalkanen <janne.jalkanen@ecyrd.com> wrote:

That sounds bad!  Did you run repair at any stage?  Which CL are you reading with? 


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We recently experienced (pretty severe) data loss after moving our 4 node Cassandra cluster from one EC2 availability zone to another.  Our strategy for doing so was as follows:
  • One at a time, bring up new nodes in the new availability zone and have them join the cluster.
  • One at a time, decommission the old nodes in the old availability zone and turn them off (stop the Cassandra process).
Everything seemed to work as expected.  As we decommissioned each node, we checked the logs for messages indicating "yes, this node is done decommissioning" before turning the node off.

Pretty quickly after the old nodes left the cluster, we started getting client calls about data missing.

We immediately turned the old nodes back on and when they rejoined the cluster *most* of the reported missing data returned.  For the rest of the missing data, we had to spin up a new cluster from EBS snapshots and copy it over.

What did we do wrong?

In hindsight, we noticed a few things which may be clues...
  • The new nodes had much lower load after joining the cluster than the old ones (3-4 gb as opposed to 10 gb).
  • We have EC2Snitch turned on, although we're using SimpleStrategy for replication.
  • The new nodes showed even ownership (via nodetool status) after joining the cluster.
Here's more info about our cluster...
  • Cassandra 1.2.10
  • Replication factor of 3
  • Vnodes with 256 tokens
  • All tables made via CQL
  • Data dirs on EBS (yes, we are aware of the performance implications)

Thanks for the help.