We recently switched to vnodes on our production cluster. I have some operational questions about managing a vnodes cluster :

- Can we add multiple nodes at once (The previous rule was no more than one server per range at the same time...)
- Can we decommission multiple nodes at the same time (I used to do it when not on the same part of the ring - taking replicas into account).
- Is there a way to distribute smartly heavy operations such as repair or cleanup through nodes ? (Using a RF of 3, previously I just use to launch a repair or cleanup on one node out of 3 in token order. With this I was sure that at least 2 nodes out of 3 weren't performing a repair and were available to answer queries fast enough, is there a way to reproduce this behavior using vnodes ?)

If someone could point me to a "best practice in cassandra management with vnodes" article / blog / tuto, It would be very cool.

Else, just a feed back on these points would be appreciated.

An other question :

How to configure rpc_address, using ec2MultiRegionSnitch, I mean should it be public ip or private ip ? (I have private IP as listen_address and public IP as broadcast_address. Seeds are public IPs)

We currently use which seems to be incompatible with new CQLs drivers.

Thanks for any insight on any of these points.