My understanding of  CASSANDRA-4110 is that the file name (not the total path length) has to be <= 255 chars long. 

On not windows platforms in 1.1.0+ you should be ok with KS + CF names that combined go up to about 230 chars. Leaving room for the extra few things Cassandra dds to the SStable file names. 


Aaron Morton
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On 1/11/2013, at 5:54 am, Peter Sanford <> wrote:

We're working on upgrading from 1.0.12 to 1.1.12. After upgrading a test node I ran into CASSANDRA-4157 which restricts the max length of CF names to <= 48 characters. It looks like CASSANDRA-4110 will allow us to upgrade and keep our existing long CF names, but we won't be able to create new CFs with names longer than 48 chars. 

Is there any reason that the logic from 4110 wasn't also applied to the 4157 code path? 

(Our naming convention results in a lot of materialized view CFs that have names > 48 characters.)