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From Techy Teck <>
Subject Create an index on CQL table
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 01:54:26 GMT
I am using the below table in our use case -

create table testing1 (
    employee_id text,
    employee_name text,
    value text,
    last_modified_date timeuuid,
    primary key (employee_name,last_modified_date)

In my above table employee_id will be unique always starting from 1 till
32767. So one of our query pattern is like this -

    give me everything for any employee_id?

So I am thinking of creating an index on employee_id as in the current
design employee_id is not part of any key so we cannot query on that..

So that is the reason I am thinking to create an index on that. Keeping in
mind that employee_id won't be larger than 32767 so maximum number of rows
will be 32767 in the above table..

keeping that in mind will there be any problem if I am creating an index on

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