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From "Christopher J. Bottaro" <>
Subject Re: nodetool repair seems to increase linearly with number of keyspaces
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2013 17:36:30 GMT
We have the same setup:  one keyspace per client, and currently about 300
keyspaces.  nodetool repair takes a long time, 4 hours with -pr on a single
node.  We have a 4 node cluster with about 10 gb per node.  Unfortunately,
we haven't been keeping track of the running time as keyspaces, or load,

-- C

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 6:53 AM, John Pyeatt <>wrote:

> We have an application that has been designed to use potentially 100s of
> keyspaces (one for each company).
> One thing we are noticing is that nodetool repair across all of the
> keyspaces seems to increase linearly based on the number of keyspaces. For
> example, if we have a 6 node ec2 (m1.large) cluster across 3 Availability
> Zones and create 20 keyspaces a nodetool repair -pr on one node takes 3
> hours even with no data in any of the keyspaces. If I bump that up to 40
> keyspaces it takes 6 hours.
> Is this the behaviour you would expect?
> Is there anything you can think of (short of redesigning the cluster to
> limit keyspaces) to increase the performance of the nodetool repairs?
> My obvious concern is that as this application grows and we get more
> companies using our it we will eventually have too many keyspaces to
> perform repairs on the cluster.
> --
> John Pyeatt
> Singlewire Software, LLC
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> 608.661.1184

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