i have a table like the following:
mykey timeuuid,
type text,
msg text,
primary key(mykey, type)
I want to page through all the results from the table using
select * from log where token(mykey) > token(maxTimeuuid(xxxxx)) limit 100;
(where xxx is 0 for the first query, and next one to be the time of the mykey(timeuuid) from the last query result)
But i seem to get random result.
is the above logic make sense for timeuuid type pagination?
when we use token in the where clase, is the result return sorted?
where token(k) > token(4) AND token(k)  < token(10) limit 3
k=5, k=6, k=7
k=7, k=5, k=9

I see lot of article use LIMIT to achieve page size, but if the result is not sorted, then it is possible to miss item?