I can't find it in the documentation...

2013/10/23 Cyril Scetbon <>

Now you can ask for the TTL and the TIMESTAMP as shown in the following example :

cqlsh:k1> select * FROM t1 ;

 ise    | filtre | value_1
 cyril1 |      2 |   49926
 cyril2 |      1 |   18584
 cyril3 |      2 |   31415

cqlsh:k1> select filtre,writetime(filtre),ttl(filtre) FROM t1 ;

 filtre | writetime(filtre) | ttl(filtre)
      21380088288623000 |        null
      11380088288636000 |        null
      21380088289309000 |        null


On 23 Oct 2013, at 12:00, Alex N <> wrote:

I was wondering how could I select column timestamp with CQL. I've been using Hector so far, and it gives me this option. But I want to use datastax CQL driver now.
I don't want to mess with this value! just read it. I know I should probably have separate column with timestamp value created by my own, but I don't want to change the schema and update milions of rows know.
I found this ticket and it's fixed but I don't know how to use it -
SELECT key, value, timestamp(value) FROM foo; - this doesn't work.