Can I use the Cassandra data storage engine only?

should be able to, it's pretty well architected. 

I did a talk at Cassandra EU last week about the internals which will be helpful, look on the Planet Cassandra site it will be posted there soon. (I did the same talk at Cassandra SF this year as well.)

If you are looking at the code the getColumnFamily() and apply() functions on the o.a.c.db.Table class are the read and write calls you would want to use. 


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On 24/10/2013, at 2:47 AM, Yasin Celik <> wrote:

I am developing an application for data storage. All the replication, routing and data retrieving types of business are handled in my application. Up to now, the data is stored in memory. Now, I want to use Cassandra storage engine to flush data from memory into hard drive. I am not sure if that is a correct approach.

My question: Can I use the Cassandra data storage engine only? I do not want to use Cassandra as a whole standalone product (In this case, I should run one independent Cassandra per node and my application act as if it is client of Cassandra. This idea will put a lot of burden on node since it puts unnecessary levels between my application and storage engine).

I have my own replication, ring and routing code. I only need the on-node storage facilities of Cassandra. I want to embed cassandra in my application as a library.

Yasin Celik