Hello all,

we are planning a Cassandra 1.2 installation at a client site; the client will run operations themselves and based on their IT team's experience they are more inclined towards running Cassandra nodes on Windows servers, however given proper arguments they would also consider using linux servers. On the other hand, our team has experience running Cassandra on Linux, so we have no idea what we might face on Windows.

Can anyone point to some sort of Windows vs Linux comparison of Cassandra in terms of features available only to one platform (if there are any) or a performance comparison?

A search brought up mixed results, including:

* Posts to this mailing list from 2012 with issues about memory-mapped I/O not working on Windows [2]
* off-heap caching seems to be implemented without JNA since 1.1, so this should be OK on Windows [3]
* A comment from 2011 by Jonathan Ellis (of Datastax) claiming Cassandra is just as capable for production usage on Windows (" Cassandra does run fine on Windows and is in production in that environment as well" - [1])

Any pointers are more than welcome!

Many thanks in advance,

[1] https://blog.serverdensity.com/mongodb-vs-cassandra/
[2] http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/cassandra-user/201209.mbox/%3CCA+LRpph7n=MmAYWhNff2DUMxXX3OPj-Pp9zMSTVoBsgxk2Mk+w@mail.gmail.com%3E
[3] http://www.datastax.com/docs/1.1/new_features