the output of "nodetool gossipinfo" are the application states of each endpoint/node in the cluster that are exchanged b/w the nodes during gossiping.

"Severity" is basically a measure of compaction activity/events in a node ( see for the details on how it is used by dynamic snitching).

LOAD is the data size (sum of size of all the ColumnFamilies in a node).

the number next to the STATUS line is the token assigned to that node. you seem to be using Murmur3Partitioner, which has negative tokens.


On Sunday, October 6, 2013 9:12 PM, Sameer Farooqui <> wrote:

Does anyone know what the information that comes from the "nodetool gossipinfo" command means? 

For example, what is the LOAD #'s meaning or the SEVERITY #? My load is 91457.0 and SEVERITY: 22.448. Also, next to STATUS:NORMAL is a negative #: -123311655.... what does that # mean?