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From Krishna Chaitanya <>
Subject Data stored using libQtCassandra not being displayed in the database...
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2013 12:21:28 GMT
         I am currently doing a project in which I am supposed to store
netflow packets from a netflow collector into shared memory, read the
packets from there and store into cassandra. When I'm reading the data and
printing it, the output is something like this:-
Collecting new packet---numpkts:59    read_index:36024    unread_bucket:1

The packet is:.��R_T�n�aї�
Value is:" "

When I try to append this to a QByteArray(in libQtCassandra) and store it
into the database and try to read the value, all I get is 'Value is: "
"'(the last line in the above output). I just want to store the whole
packet as a single string for performance reasons. I'm having problems
storing any other datatypes other than char*. If I try to retrieve any
other datatypes it shows only " ".
So, I have to cast every data type to a char*. But, here the packets are
stored in a character array and still its not displaying the required data
but just "". Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.


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