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From Russ Garrett <>
Subject Re: Compaction issues
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2013 10:33:28 GMT
On 23 October 2013 21:25, Aaron Morton <> wrote:
> Is there ever a time when the pending count is non zero but nodetool
> compactionstats does not show any running tasks ?

No - but there are times when the number of running compaction
processes is less than concurrent_compactors, which is confusing.

> If compaction cannot keep up you may be generating data faster than LCS can
> compact it. What sort of disks do you have?

I'm beginning to suspect this is probably the case. These machines
only have one (conventional) disk, although we never had a problem
with TieredCompactionStrategy.

> What is the min_sstable_size ? The old default was 5, the new one is 130.
> The higher value will result in less IO.

It's 256MB.

Russ Garrett

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