You experience is not uncommon. There was a recent thread on this with a variety of details on when to use row caching:

tl;dr - it depends completely on use case. Small static rows work best. 

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Sávio Teles <> wrote:
I'm running the Cassandra 1.2.4 and when I enable the row_cache, the system throws TImeoutExcpetion and Garbage Collection don't stop.

When I disable the query returns in 700ms.


  • row_cache_size_in_mb: 256
  • row_cache_save_period: 0
  • # row_cache_keys_to_save: 100
  • row_cache_provider: SerializingCacheProvider

Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance!!

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