On 19 September 2013 20:36, Suruchi Deodhar <suruchi.deodhar@generalsentiment.com> wrote:
Thanks for your replies. I wiped out my data from the cluster and also cleared the commitlog before restarting it with num_tokens=256. I then uploaded data using sstableloader.

However, I am still not able to see a uniform distribution of data across nodes of the clusters.

The output of the bin/nodetool -h localhost status commands looks like follows. Some nodes have data as low as 1.12MB while some have as high as 912.57 MB.

Now the 'Owns (effective)' column is showing the tokens are roughly balanced.  So now the problem is the data isn't uniform - either you have some rows much larger than others or some nodes are missing data that could be replicated by running repair.