I definitely recommend the datastax driver so long as you plan on using cql3.  Its binary protocol allows multiplexing, is vnode token aware, and does not require serialize/deserialize to thrift.  We used astyanax before and it did work well and has support (aka recipes) for standard usage cases like scans.

Tony Anecito <adanecito@yahoo.com> wrote:

I use the DataStax driver anm happy with it so far. Also, think about if driver is being worked on as Cassandra gets updated since CQL version always getting improved so driver needs to improve wth it. So if driver developers not work on it often then you should not use it. Also, I think DataStax driver might have more users so DataStax get mre feedback for improvements and fixes.
Just my 1 cent.

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I've used most of the java drivers under Glashfish without a problem.  IMHO it's really down to the functionality you require in your application.  The Java Driver form datastax has the lowest learning curve  for any java programmer familiar with JDBC and I believe deals with pool management.

Just my .2 cents worth


On 3 Aug 2013, at 08:28, Jan Algermissen <jan.algermissen@nordsc.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I plan on using Cassandra in a Java EE7 (Glassfish) project and I wonder which driver I should pick.
> Can anyone make a recommendation which of the available drivers fits best into a Java EE environment?
> (I looking for avoiding thread pool management issues mostly. I am not so interested in a JPA integration)
> Jan

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